Do you love Bali as much as we do?

Little Bali is the story of two people brought together by love. Their love for art, food and experiences led them to the idea of bringing a piece of Bali to Slovakia. We present to you the combination of 4 elements that make up one whole.

Our story

Little Bali is a unique project to bring a piece of the most precious things this exotic island has to offer to Slovakia. It is a combination of four strong elements that will give you the opportunity to experience the taste and unadulterated Balinese atmosphere first hand.

Bali Bistro

A bistro run by a chef who came to Slovakia directly from Bali. You will not miss the exotic service, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy not only the culinary art, but also the true gastro atmosphere of this exotic island.

Bali Massage

Massages based on traditional Indonesian medicine, during which our Bali masseuses will allow you to immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility and relax not only your body, but also your mind.

Bali Yoga

A magical dance of body and soul that allows you to know yourself more deeply, calm yourself internally and harmonize your soul.

Bali Art

Handmade teak wood objects that bring a touch of unique Balinese culture and art to Slovakia.

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