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Life in Bali is accompanied by creativity, spontaneity and artistic expression, which is reflected in every aspect of local life. It is an island full of mystics, healers and talented artists who experience their work deeply, making them true masters of their craft. This makes the products they create a feast for the eyes, even though they are exceptional not only in their visual perfection. In fact, each artist puts their own processes and style into their products, making each and every product a unique work of art.

Central Java, for example, is renowned for several generations of artisan producers of furniture and decorations made from precious teak wood, bringing a touch of unique Balinese culture and art to Slovakia. You’ll be able to bring a piece of vibrant Bali to your home and, amazingly, you’ll be directly supporting Balinese craftspeople in the process. In fact, when you buy an art object from Bali ART, you are making a specific person happy who has put a piece of love and self into making it.

Bali Art

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