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Balinese massage

Massage is a great way to relax a stiff body, relieve stress, pain and relieve accumulated tension. Balinese massage, however, focuses on the energetic aspect of the body in addition to these common problems. This is because it is based on indigenous massage techniques based on traditional Indonesian medicine, which believes in a balance of body, mind and spirit, and so focuses on mental health as well as physical health.

On the level of physical health, Balinese massage focuses on releasing muscle tension, improving the circulatory system and stimulating the body’s lymphatic system. However, in terms of the mind and spirit, its energetic benefits are particularly exceptional. The aim of the various massage techniques is to balance and unblock the energy channels in the body known as ‘meridians’, ensuring better energy flow and restoring overall balance. However, Balinese massages are also known for their unblocking and cleansing effects. In addition to traditional massage techniques, they also use stimulation of acupuncture points and reflex zones on the feet, often incorporating elements of yoga.

You can also experience a real Balinese massage in Slovakia. Massage in Zvolen can be like from an Indonesian island. Try Balinese massage in the heart of central Slovakia. We look forward to seeing you.

Price list

  • Traditional Balinese massage

    Traditional full body massage with massage oil and fragrance of your choice

    74.5 € 60 min
  • Couples traditional Balinese massage

    Couples traditional full body massage with massage oil and fragrance of your choice

    149 € 60 min
  • Traditional aroma massage

    Full body massage using warm massage oil with your choice of fragrance enriched with aromatherapy for enhanced enjoyment

    84.5 € 60 min
  • Couples traditional aroma massage

    Couples full body massage using warm massage oil with choice of fragrance enriched with aromatherapy for better enjoyment

    169 € 60 min
  • Neck and back massage

    Back massage brings total physical relaxation and mental balance, relaxes stiff and painful muscles

    39.5 € 30 min
  • Couples neck and back massage

    Couples back massage brings overall physical relaxation and mental balance, relaxes stiff and painful muscles,,,0,

    79 € 30 min
  • Reflexology foot massage

    Stimulation of reflex points on the feet and legs

    35.5 € 30 min

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UpBalansea card holders can benefit from a 4.50 € discount on all types of massages.

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The course of the massage

How is the Balinese massage in Little Bali?

A true Balinese massage is not only relaxing for the body, but also a cleansing ritual for the soul. We want you to have an intense experience, which is why it is accompanied by a specific procedure here at Little Bali. So what should you prepare for if you decide to come to us for a massage?

1. A short questionnaire

A short questionnaire Immediately upon arrival, you will fill out a short questionnaire at the reception desk. The aim is to find out what type and intensity of massage you are interested in. You can also mention specific areas on your body that you would like to focus on, and at the end you also have the opportunity to choose the oil that the masseuse will use to massage you.

2. Escort to the massage rooms

As soon as you have completed the questionnaire, our receptionist will take you directly to the massage rooms. There, a masseuse will be waiting to answer any questions you may have.

3. Entering the cabin

The masseuse will show you to the booths where you will undress and where you can take a shower if necessary. You will then wrap yourself in a prepared sheet and move to a chair in the massage room. The whole massage ritual begins with a foot wash.

4. Foot washing

The introduction to Balinese massage is washing the feet in a copper vessel with warm water, flower petals and salt. This step is to prepare you perfectly for the massage that will follow. So even at this step, try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of being well taken care of.

5. 5. Massage

As soon as the masseuse has finished washing your feet, you can move to the lounger where the massage itself will begin. Then you don’t have to think about anything or anyone. Let yourself be carried away by the peace and harmony and simply enjoy the feeling of absolute relaxation to the full.



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