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Unique space for your event

Are you looking for a suitable venue for a wedding, a space for a celebration, a corporate party, a space for training, a workshop or team building activities? Come to us and we will not only provide you with an original and pleasant space, but we will organize your event according to your wishes. In Little Bali you can choose from several options, depending on the number of people and the occasion you are planning the event for. Available:

Event room

An event room where corporate clients will find their place, but it is also suitable for workshops, family celebrations, smaller weddings or Christmas parties. This separate room has a maximum capacity of 48 people. It is also suitable as a venue for training, small conferences and congresses, birthday parties and christenings. The technical background consists of a projector with screen and internet connection.

  • cinema seating – 48 seats
  • school seating – 24 seats
  • T-shaped seating – 30 seats
  • I-shaped seating – 30 seats

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VIP lounge

The private VIP lounge provides an intimate setting for guests. By being separated, you have more freedom to interact and engage in activities without distractions. It also includes a children’s play area where the youngest guests can play while the adults engage in undisturbed conversation. The lounge offers space for 12 people and is suitable for family celebrations.

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Little Bali Bistro

The restaurant space has an additional 18 seats available for parties, celebrations and corporate events. The seating can be arranged in a U-shape, bringing the unique flavours and aromas of the open cuisine of several Indonesian regions to you and your guests. The restaurant has a generous terrace with 26 seats, providing an ideal space especially in the warmer months.

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Room reservation

What do we offer?

Room rents for corporate events, corporate party, celebrations and wedding reception is part of the Little Bali project. There are several options and room types that you can choose from us for your event. Current trends determine the inspiration for many unusual and interesting spaces, which you can also find with us. At Little Bali, you can choose from the rooms that best suit your requirements. We have spaces available for small and medium sized corporate events and family gatherings.

Room selection

When choosing a room, it is important to consider the number of guests, what type of event it is and what your preferences are in this regard. At Little Bali, we can accommodate you. We will arrange the tables and seating according to whether it will be a formal meeting or a more informal event. If you also need space for an accompanying programme, we can advise you.

Catering services

Catering and refreshments will be provided by Bali Bistro, which offers original and unusual Indonesian cuisine. It is always based on fresh ingredients, bold spices and aromatic fresh herbs, which give the dishes a completely different dimension compared to European cuisine. However, we can also adapt to your requirements in this respect. If you are on a diet or have allergies, or prefer less spicy dishes, we will accommodate you. Of course there are children's meals for the little ones.

Material and technical support

If you are planning a teambuilding or corporate event that includes presentations, games or other activities, a projector with screen and internet connection are available. In addition to the technical equipment, we can arrange the decoration and decoration of the room by a professional company that will adapt to your requirements and the main theme of the event.

Additional services and accommodation options in the vicinity

Good music is essential. It can make a major contribution to the overall atmosphere and fun of the event. We can arrange musical or other entertainment production to please your guests. They will also welcome the opportunity to relax under the hands of our masseuses from the Indonesian island of Bali. A genuine Balinese massage is a great opportunity to relax a stiff body, relieve stress and relieve accumulated tension.

Directly in the centre of Zvolen

Our Little Bali is located right in the centre of Zvolen. If you are planning a wedding reception, family and loved ones can easily stay in hotels and guesthouses in the city. The same goes for participants of Christmas parties, workshops or other corporate events.

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